Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Ted Cruz: “We Can’t Do Something About Gun Violence Until We’re Done Doing Nothing”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sen. Ted Cruz (Q-Cancun) blasted efforts by Democrats in Congress to pass gun law reforms in the wake of two high-profile mass shooting events in under a week.

During the lockdowns of 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic outbreak, while mass shootings still happened in the U.S., their frequency was quite reduced. However, as more and more Americans get vaccinated, and with there being more guns than humans in America, experts worry that mass shooting events will spike in frequency again. In just under a week, there have been two — one in Atlanta, and one in Boulder.

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Yesterday, in a Senate committee hearing, Cruz called the proceedings theater and slammed the efforts by Democrats to push for universal background checks. Polling seems to show the overwhelming majority of Americans want every gun purchase to go through a background check first, but Cruz and other fellow Republicans like Sen. Joe Manchin, who is technically a Democrat, have blocked such actions. This morning, on Fox News, Cruz lit into Democratic leadership.

“You know, the Democrats always talk about how we have to do something. That’s what they say after ever Second Amendment demonstration that just so happens to cost a few Americans their lives,” Cruz told Fox and Friends today. “Now, you and I understand that every person who dies during a Second Amendment demonstration is a hero who dies for the cause of freedom, but I have to tell you — it’s so very dangerous to just up and do something. Doing something is very, very antithetical to how Americans want to live their lives.”

Cruz insisted that it’s “premature” and “putting the horse before the ammo truck” to attempt to pass gun regulations.

“Why? Why are we trying to do something,” Cruz asked rhetorically. “We can’t do something about gun violence until we’re doing doing nothing. I’m sorry, that’s just how Constitutional conservatives think, and that’s never, ever going to change.”

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Representatives from the NRA thanked Cruz for the “public, sloppy, wet blowjob.”

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