Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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voting rights

Shapiro: “Democrats Are Racist for Implying Minorities Can’t Get Around Republican Cheating on Their Own!”

Ben Shapiro doesn't think laws that disproportionately impact minorities are racist. People who make others aware of the laws are the real racists.

The Time Someone Bought an Election With Bottles of Water

Maybe Republicans have a reason to be suspicious of people getting bottled water while waiting in line to vote.

Kemp Signs Georgia Law Establishing ‘Separate, But Unequal Democracy’

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- There has been quite a lot of news coming out of Georgia this week on the voting rights front. To the surprise...

Texas GOP Wants to Repeal Voting

"We’re so polarized as a nation, and it only makes matters worse when liberals rub it in conservative faces by, like, getting more votes or whatever."

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