Saturday, September 24, 2022
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sexual assault

Study Shows Being Female Still #1 Risk Factor Associated With Seeing Dicks You Didn’t Ask to See

SCHVANTZ LAKE, MINNESOTA -- A research study conducted by the University of East Minnesota has confirmed that, as had long been suspected within the...

Rapist Worried No One Will Believe He’s Raped If He Can’t Remember Exact, Specific Details About Prior Rapes

LAGO DE DOUCHE, ARIZONA -- 36 year old Jack Johnathan Jackson is an admitted, repeated sexual offender. Over the years, Mr. Jackson estimates he...

Breaking: Brett Kavanaugh Sure Could Use a Stiff One Or 50 Right About Now

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Following a brutal morning of testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in which Christine Blasey Ford made public every detail she...

Millions Flood White House Phones Demanding Judge Rosemarie Aquilina Be Promoted to Supreme Court

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Trump administration is confirming that at the time of publication, the White House phone system is down. Reports are that shortly...

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