Saturday, September 24, 2022
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Man Issues Formal Apology to Every Woman He Couldn’t Make Come

HIDDEN GORGE, CALIFORNIA -- This week, fifteen women throughout the country received the same letter from local resident Jerry Maloenelsexo, apologizing for his "inability"...

Married Couple Might Get to Fuck Again Some Day

SAN GUILLERMO, CALIFORNIA -- Neither one of them are to blame, when you get them alone and ask them individually, for the lack of...

22 Year Old Trophy Wife Into Gray Pubes After All

DELAWARE, TEXAS -- Kate Singleton just married the man of her dreams, she tells all friends. Even though Kevin, her new husband, is almost...

Woman Executes Flawless Polite Stare While Boyfriend Expresses Horrible Opinion About Abortion For Millionth Time

CRAFTON HILLS, COLORADO -- Sources close to the situation are reporting that a local restaurant was just the setting for a truly spectacular, and...

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