Saturday, September 24, 2022
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Trump Officially Registers His Presidential Rape Type

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Many Americans might presume that President Donald Trump is the first, and only, man to occupy the Oval Office that has...

Alabama Democrats Propose 72-Hour Waiting Period on Incestuous Sex

FORT COQ DU CHAMPIGNON VÉNÉNEUX, ALABAMA -- In response to Republicans in their state legislature passing one of the most restrictive abortion bans since...

Breaking: Brett Kavanaugh Sure Could Use a Stiff One Or 50 Right About Now

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Following a brutal morning of testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in which Christine Blasey Ford made public every detail she...

Florida Teen Skirts Waiting Period and Performs Own Abortion With AR-15

LAGO DEL DESESPERACIÓN, FLORIDA -- Back in April of this year, 28 year old nurse and Florida resident Jane Sampson was raped while walking home...

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