Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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minimum wage

Local McDonald’s Offering Free Small Fry to Anyone Applying for Poverty Wage Job

DICK'S CREST, CALIFORNIA --  The local McDonald's franchise is, as their assistant manager described to us, "desperate to find employees" to fill vacancies left...

President Manchin Decides the Plebs Don’t Need Living Wages

Most Americans might not have realized that Joe Manchin of West Virginia is the actual president.

Adjusted for Inflation, Sen. John Thune is a Privileged A-Hole In Any Era

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Recently, Sen. John Thune (Q-SD) railed against raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, citing the fact that he pulled...

Essential Worker Not Sure Non-Essential Workers Deserve Living Wage During Pandemic

LOS PARADOXICALES, CALIFORNIA -- On one of her recent lunch breaks during her shift at a local supermarket, 38 year old Kelly Killian told...

Man Fired From Dildo Factory For Telling His Boss To Take His Job And Shove It

GLEN SPRINGS, MICHIGAN -- Looking back on it now, with the benefit of a few weeks put between himself and the incident that cost...

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