Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Matt Gaetz

Trump Confused by Gaetz Paying Someone BEFORE They Had Sex With Him

"I usually gotta cut them a six figure check after we're done so they don't tell anyone how small it is."

Republican Party Developing Its Own App for Sex Payments

The Republican Party has begun work on developing its own proprietary payment app, which it will require politicians in the GOP to use when...

Matt Gaetz Wanted to Catch COVID-17 Instead

Last year, Matt Gaetz contracted the COVID-19 virus after mocking prevention efforts, but he was hoping he'd get a different variant.

Gaetz and Jordan: Trump Won Because They ‘Wouldn’t Blow Just Any Old Loser’

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The results of last month's presidential haven't really been in much doubt since just a couple of days after votes started...

Gaetz: “Real Patriots Don’t Ever Abandon Their Deeply Unpopular, One-Term, Impeached Loser Cry Baby President”

LAKE FUKFAYCE, FLORIDA -- For one of Donald Trump's most loyal congressional servants, there will never be another president, and he means that quite...

Jordan, Gohmert, Collins Smugly Confident They’ve Convinced America to Impeach Hunter Biden

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- "We did it, guys. We really fuckin' did it," Congressman Matt Gaetz told reporters, turning to give his fellow House Judiciary...

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