Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Kim Jong Un

North Korea Gives Ashli Babbit Posthumous Medal

The Democratic Republic of North Korea has issued one of the highest honors it can bestoy on a foreign citizen this week, though it...

Trump Complained to Aides He Didn’t Get to Stay in Hanoi Hilton Like ‘That Fake War Hero McCain’

WASHINGTON. D.C. -- President Donald Trump abruptly walked away from his much-ballyhooed summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un this week, and is back...

Trump Packed Two Pairs of Dress Bone Spurs for Vietnam Summit

VIETNAM -- No one can ever accuse President Donald Trump of not dressing up for an occasion, and even important international diplomatic summits require...

Poll: Most Americans ‘Totally Cool With’ North Korea Keeping Trump

Yesterday, South Korea announced that after having talks with North Korea, President Donald Trump would be invited to a summit between himself and North...

Fox Sending Turmeric Lahren To North Korea To Ask Kim Jong Un For Tips On Forced Patriotism

Fox News is shipping its most plucky and screech-a-rific contributor to North Korea so she can pick Un's brain about despotic patriotism.

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