Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Man Issues Formal Apology to Every Woman He Couldn’t Make Come

HIDDEN GORGE, CALIFORNIA -- This week, fifteen women throughout the country received the same letter from local resident Jerry Maloenelsexo, apologizing for his "inability"...

Couple Totally Not on Same Page About Which Content to Stream While Absent Mindedly Fucking

WINDY BEACH FALLS, VIRGINIA -- Skip and Jerry Lawson have been married for fifteen years and they both say they have an "okay" or...

Local Woman Still Not Interested In Seeing A Digital Image Of Your Penis

HARPER VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- It's not that 28 year old Cheryl Terwilliger Jones has absolutely no interest in seeing any digital picture of any...

5 Ways Your Sex Robot Is Telling You They’re Ready To Be Programmed To Fuck Other People

So you're in love, and everything's going well. The romance is alive, the passion is plentiful. And the sex? Oh boy, the sex! It's...

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