Saturday, December 3, 2022

Hawley: Biden’s Gun Orders Are Bullying His ‘Friends Who Visited the Capital’ on January 6th

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Any Democratic president who issues executive orders on guns likely expects some rather forceful pushback and criticism on those orders from members of the Republican Party. So when just moments after President Joe Biden officially announced a handful of new orders attempting to address American gun violence several elected GOP officials lambasted them, it’s not likely Biden was surprised by their reactions.

However, Sen. Josh Hawley (Q-MO) may have raised at least some eyebrows at the White House with the words he chose in his critique of the new executive orders.

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“Setting aside for a moment that the Founding Fathers literally would die of socialism if they saw what Biden is trying to do to the Second Amendment for a moment,” Hawley said during an interview on Fox Business this afternoon, “the bottom line is that this is a deranged president, drunk on power, who is now trying to rob some friends of mine of their constitutional right to own a gun with which they’ll fantasize about murdering him, and everyone who voted for him, with.”

Sen. Hawley accused Biden of “bullying” and said that he can tell the orders are mostly aimed at some of his “friends who visited the capitol” back on January 6th.

“You know, whether or not the mainstream media, or President Joe feel like admitting this fact, my friends who visited the capital that day are Americans, too,” Hawley said. “Just like the men who put on grey uniforms and fought to stop another tyrannical Yankee named Abe Lincoln were Americans. And every American as the right, no in fact the duty, to own sixteen dozen guns, in case we see the kinds of constitutionally elected tyranny we are seeing today.”

Hawley vowed to support any legal challenges to Biden’s orders.

“Everyone knows there’s literally nothing I love more than attacking the American people, and who they elected,” Hawley said. “So I pledge that I will support any and all efforts to fight the draconian low hanging fruit that Biden just plucked and is trying to force down our throats. I raise my fist again in solidarity with the people who don’t believe in democracy so much as their right to terrorize people who don’t vote like they do. Amen.”

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