Friday, November 26, 2021

Colin Kaepernick Would Like a Word With Jim Jordan About “Cancel Culture”

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA — Former NFL quarterback and activist Colin Kaepernick is seeking a face-to-face meeting with Qongressman Gym Jordan. Mr. Kaepernick, who became the subject if tireless outrage from American conservatives for brazenly taking a quiet, peaceful knee in protest of people of color being extra-judiciously executed by police officers without due process, told a magazine interviewer this week that he hopes he and Jordan can “have a discussion about what this cancel culture thing he keeps talking about.”

For the last few days, Jordan has been telling anyone who will listen that “cancel culture” is a dangerous threat to democracy. Typically, Jordan has used this rhetoric in defense of fellow Qongresswoman Marjorie Craycray Greene, who this week was stripped of her committee assignments ater hateful, violent, threatening social media posts of hers were discovered. In one video, Greene is seen stalking and harassing a teenage victim of a mass school shooting.

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Despite Greene’s invective, Jordan has insisted that it’s liberals and their cancel culture that are the threat. This week, Jordan appeared on Fox News and called cancel culture a slippery slope to ending free speech, and called it the “most dangerous thing” in America today.

“Well Todd, it’s interesting to me to hear Mr. Jordan denounce canceling people for their political views,” Kaepernick told K-SPRT’s Todd Tiddlesby, “because I have a feeling if fewer Americans saw my silent protest as political speech instead of truly trying to understand how universal the notion of constitutional policing is, I’d still be in the NFL today. Maybe to people like Jim Jordan, cancel culture means something different than it does to the rest of us.”

Kaepernick said he’s tried a few times to call Qongressman Jordan’s office but hasn’t gotten through to anyone yet.

“He seems to have a ton of time on his hands to tweet things to his followers, and to speak a mile a minute in TV interviews,” Kaepernick said, “but when it comes to doing his job? I don’t know. It seems like he’s just mooching off the hardworking taxpayers in this country.”

Qongressman Jordan could not be reached for comment.

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