Friday, November 26, 2021
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Chefs Prepare For Traditional Deep Frying Of Olympic Rings To Close Out 2018 Games

PEYONGCHANG, SOUTH KOREA -- The 2018 Winter Olympics have just about completed. The games have been played, the medals have been handed out, and...

Furious Trump Demands American Curlers Take Their Shots Standing Upright

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Sources within the White House have reported that over the weekend, President Donald Trump caught as much of the 2018 Winter...

Trump Orders Washington NFL Team To Offer Chief Wahoo Mascot Job

Keep Professional Sports Racist Again!

U.S. Recruits Its Best Athlete To Winter Olympics Team

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- In a surprising and completely unforeseen development, the United States Olympic Committee announced today that it has added the country's...

First Blind Winner At International Staring Contest Championship

OSLO, NORWAY -- History was made this weekend at the International Staring Contest Championship, held this year in President Donald Trump's favorite mostly-white country,...

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