Friday, May 7, 2021
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Hannity Slams Complete Sentences and Cogent Thoughts in Biden’s First Congressional Address

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Fox News personality Sean Hannity was not in any way, shape, or form impressed with the first joint congressional...

Cruz: “The Only Thing I Need Covering My Face Left Washington on January 20th”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- For quite some time, some Senate Republicans have scoffed at, if not openly defied, congressional rules dictating they wear a face...

Greene Starts ‘White America First’ Caucus With Other Far Right House Republicans

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Just hours after announcing its formation, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) post a video declaring that her new caucus of far...

McConnell Blasts Dems for Expanding Supreme Court Instead of ‘Stealing Seats Like Patriots’

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, the House Democrats introduced legislation that, if passed through the Senate and signed by President Joe Biden, would expand the...

Trump Confused by Gaetz Paying Someone BEFORE They Had Sex With Him

"I usually gotta cut them a six figure check after we're done so they don't tell anyone how small it is."

GOP Chair: ‘White Lives Matter’ Rallies Draw Bigger Crowds When Trump Holds Them

The chair of the Republican Party thinks white lives matter rallies would draw bigger crowds if they brought back Donald Trump to speak at them.

Shapiro: “Democrats Are Racist for Implying Minorities Can’t Get Around Republican Cheating on Their Own!”

Ben Shapiro doesn't think laws that disproportionately impact minorities are racist. People who make others aware of the laws are the real racists.

Jim Jordan Travels Through Time to Call Montgomery Bus Boycott ‘Woke Cancel Culture’

From December 1955 to December 1956, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, famously started when Rosa Parks was asked (and refused) to cede her seat to...

Matt Gaetz Wanted to Catch COVID-17 Instead

Last year, Matt Gaetz contracted the COVID-19 virus after mocking prevention efforts, but he was hoping he'd get a different variant.

Noem Says She Doesn’t See Trans People Any Differently Than Everyone Else She Let Die From Covid

PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA -- This week, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem signed an executive order banning biological males from playing in sports leagues designed...

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