Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Homeless Vet Pretty Sure He Can Get His Daughter’s Medication With And Eat Trump’s Fake News Awards

APPLE HILLS, OHIO -- Harry McMichaels is a 38 year old homeless veteran of the Iraq War. McMichaels lives in various shelters around his...

Local Woman Tends To Cuss A Lot When You Act Like A Goddamned F_ _king S_ _theaded C_ck-Faced Tw_t Waffle

Megan Hofer, 35 years old and from Santa Chingada, California, admits that she has a "potty mouth." According to Megan, however, her tendency to...

Norwegian Woman Says She’d Never Live In S–thole Countries Without Universal Healthcare

Last year, the world was shocked by the frank, obtuse, and obscene language used by President Donald Trump to express that he would prefer...

20 Pictures Of Puppies So Smug They’ll Make You Scream

Everyone loves puppies! They're so darn cute and cuddly! Well, that is to say that most puppies are cute and cuddly. Some are, to be frank,...

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