Monday, January 17, 2022
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Louis CK, Bill Cosby, and Bill O’Reilly Next on Producers’ Shortlist to Host “Jeopardy”

HOLLYWOOB, CALIFORNIA --They really thought they'd found the perfect pair to host one of the most respected and beloved game shows of all time...

Meghan McCain’s Hairdresser Thankful They No Longer Have to Send Coded Cries for Help

Since 2017, Meghan McCain's hairdresser has been sending coded signals to audience members watching The View both at home and in the television studio. Those messages...

Tucker Carlson Not Sure If He Likes Vaccine Requirements Now That He’s Compared Them To Jim Crow

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Now that he's had a few hours to sit with it, Fox News host and winner of the 2021...

Pillar of Masculinity and Super Soldier Tucker Carlson Criticizes Female Combat Vets

The world's most alpha of alpha males, Fox News' Tucker Carlson, has some thoughts to share on female combat veterans.

Gina Carano Identifies As Unemployed

HOLLYWOOB, CALIFORNIA -- Alt-right Nazi sympathizer, former human punching bag, and alleged actress Gina Carano has confirmed in several social media posts that she...

Classic TV Show Being Rebooted, Will Focus on Trump Administration

HOLLYWOO, CALIFORNIA -- During the decade known as the 1980's, there were many hit TV shows for audiences to enjoy. One such show was...

ABC Replacing “Roseanne” With TV Show Starring Overstuffed Bag Of Farts And Racist Jokes From The 1930’s In A MAGA Hat

HOLLYWOO, CALIFORNIA -- ABC Entertainment executives were surely thrown for a loop when they were tasked with putting out a public relations fire of...

Kirk Cameron Renounces Faith; Ready To ‘Start Picking Up All That Sweet Growing Pains P**n.’

In the 1980s, Kirk Cameron was one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood. Cameron began starring on a network sitcom called "Growing Pains" in...

Trump Boasts His State Of The Union TV Ratings Were Higher Than Any Founding Father

His ratings were bigly historical...according to Trump.

Fox Sending Turmeric Lahren To North Korea To Ask Kim Jong Un For Tips On Forced Patriotism

Fox News is shipping its most plucky and screech-a-rific contributor to North Korea so she can pick Un's brain about despotic patriotism.

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