Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Bill Dickerdolldildo


Op-Ed: Won’t Somebody Do Something About Trumpists Losing Their Social Media Followers?!

The following editorial was written by Bill Dickerdolldildo. Mr. Dickerdolldildo is the social media manager for The Washington Cornholer, a right-leaning newspaper. He is...

You Whiny Snowflake Cuck Libtards Owe Me a Space Safe from “OK, Boomer”

The following is an opinionated editorial written by staff writer Bill Dickerdolldildo. Mr. Dickerdolldildo graduated from State Beach University majored in condescending history revision...

Why Won’t You Just Let Me Stockpile Arms Against You, People Who Think Like You, Your Children, And Our Government, Libtards?

The following is an op-ed by Bill Dickerdolldildo, founder of Totes Biased America, leading voice in right-wing Facebook commentary. The views and expressed herein...

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