Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Study Shows Mike Cernovich Thinks About Pedophilia More Than People Who Molest Kids

RIO CHINGADERO ESTUPIDO, CALIFORNIA -- Researchers at a community college in California recently published the results of a study they conducted which they say...

Disney Partnering With Mike Cernovich Again On “Pizzagate” Biopic

LIBTARDED HOLLYWEIRDLAND, CALIFORNIA -- Disney announced this morning that it is renewing its new partnership with right-wing conspiracy theorist and alleged journalist Mike Cernovich,...

Mike Cernovich Thuper Proud Of His Award For Journalithtic Integrity From Breitbart

ORANTH COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- Right-wing provocateur and alleged journalitht Mike Thernovich wath jutht given a very dithtinguished award for hith lifetime commitment to journalithtic...

NRA Executive Just Two More School Shootings From Being Able To Afford Fourth Vacation Home

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- Today, during a board meeting of the executives of the National Rifle Association, board member Tim Timberlake said that thanks to the...

Economy Halts As 93% Of Americans Who Don’t Root For Egomaniacal Cheaters Too Hungover To Work After Celebrating Super Bowl LII

Most people are too hungover after watching the Patriots lose the Super Bowl to go to go work.

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